Blogging Flail

Stop!  Before you click away, I already know what you’re thinking.  Just what this world needs, another blog on blogging. Right? What if I promise you this will be different, will that keep you interested?

I’m calling the site Blogging Flail.  You know, when you flail your arms around like crazy when you’re frustrated. While I’ve created this site to help the newer blogger (and the term newer can be relative in today’s blogging world), I hope to provide content that will help all bloggers, novice to experienced.

So what’s the site about? Well they say you need a niche, and after some initial trial and error I’ve settled on the following:

                Blogging / SEO / Case Studies

While there are a ton of blogs on blogging, and it seems just as many on SEO, I see a gap on the results side of SEO. Anybody can write an article about SEO, but give me some proof that the topic you are writing about will actually work for me. I’ll be doing various case studies on a number of different SEO strategies, and will let you be the judge on what works or not. I’ll also throw in some unique articles on general blogging topics and guest posting techniques.

So check out the blog and let me know what you think. If you’d like me to cover a specific topic for an upcoming post, drop me a line and I’ll get that on my list.


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